Q: So what’s this comic about? I’m already very confused!

A: Luckily I’m also confused and great at making people moreless confused:

The story jumps right into the thick of things, but fear not – things are gradually revealed, like something hidden behind a curtain that is very slowly leaking out, while a three armed man is tugging at the curtain. The curtain is dirty, and needs to be replaced. Perhaps there is a leak? It’s probably much like doing something with a car. I’m good at metaphors.

It’s not the sort of story that is easily summarized without spoiling things, and I want the reader to enjoy that discovery themselves. If a page brings up a lot of questions, it may be worth revisiting later.

Q: No, really, what is this comic ABOUT? I demand answers! Preferably in a short summary form.

A: Alright, alright, I can give you this:

The story is set in a decaying world sundered by a long war between the dominant powers that be. These two are the Siol and the Fulcrum.

It’s a place where sorcery and high technology have long since blurred together, where knowledge has been lost and reinvented several times over. The state of things are a bit of a mess quite frankly.

The story follow our protagonist, going by the name Corinth Densha, by title Vizier of the Moab Empire, and her ambition to overthrow the Fulcrum by any means necessary.

Q: The Siol and the Fulcrum, the Moab Empire? I’m getting all confused again!

A: The relevant parts can be figured out from the comic, but if not just toss me a question and I’ll do my best to answer in a non-spoilery way.

Q: Wait, is this some sort of fantasy thing FOR NERDS? I’ve been tricked!

A: There’s giant robots, explosions and BLOOD for COOL KIDS like you too!

Q: Update schedule? I thirst for more pages!

A: I aim to update once a week and try to keep you all updated on my twitter in case a page is taking a particular long time to make.

Big splash pages or otherwise difficult pages take longer to make.

Rarely the stars align and I get two pages out in a week.

Things get a little slower around the holidays or when I’m extra busy at my work-work.

Q: Do you have any social media? I got more questions!

A: Here’s my twitter is @leflair.zone, my tumblr is killwitchkill.tumblr.com (comic page archive and the occasional concept art).

If you want to ask other type of questions  you can e-mail me at leflair.zone@gmail.com (which I check sporadically), or just write a comment to any particular page I post. This wordpress thing should update me, and constructive input from readers is very valuable to make this thing as good as it can be!