A brief World Guide to KWK, there are many more locations than shown on this compressed not-to-scale map. It will however give you an idea of where the major locations are in relation to each other.

Except for the Void, which is everywhere, above, below and inbetween.

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Divided by the The World Eater Tree Mimlärad lies Sheol and Jannat, the two surviving supercontinent clusters of the former capitol world of the Shapen Empire. Trapped in vicinity of each other, the rest of space around them so distorted and torn by several millennia at war that long range travel is all but impossible for humans. Only the Starkin and the Myscene are able to reach this area of the cosmos by their own unique means of travel.

While some communication remain, the remnants of the vast Empire of old has long passed out of practical control. What remains of humanity, is scattered across the stars. Some still pledge alliegance to the old order, or new alliances.

Along the lines of (now very unreliable) cardinal directions, The Siol Pact holds the continent cluster of Sheol in the West, while the Cordial Fulcrum Alliance controls Jannat in the East. Both vying for control of the ever dwindling resources that remain.

Each side are concentrated around a number of large fortress cities with adjacent smaller cities and settlements.  By different means shielded from long range bombardment of the various city-killer weapons that they still possess. More importantly, they are also protected from the twisting effects of the Void itself, barriers developed from costly experience. The means of control varies, but each city is in many ways a state unto itself, with its own form of governance and often, ruler. 

The Fulcrum Cordial

For Jannat and the Fulcrum, the most important of these cities are the Core realms of Ulm, Ebania and Ordos, with Edom, Moab and Golgotha representing the outer confederation of smaller city states in the southern edge marches

Ulm serves as capitol, and is the home of Artam the living Fulcrum, although he spends most of his time travelling between cities on his mobile fortress-palace. The inner council of other Avatara rotate from frontline positions and overseeing the various states, at any one moment over half the cities are under local administration in their absence, but aside for the loosely administrated Golgotha and Moab in the edge marches, can expect visit by a Avatara at any moment. Ulm is made up of many hundred cities stitched together by Fulcrum shapers, the home of the largest surviving population outside of Dis. It is entirely dependent on imports of food and other resources.

Golgotha and Ordos are merchant cities, with Golgotha being near independent, with the local Fulcrum garrison being highly corrupt. As long as its arsenal factories provides the Fulcrum core, the rest of the Cordial does not speak of what goes on in Golgotha. For finer goods, there is always Ordos, a wealthy city carved into the large chunk of continent which serves as its shield from Siol bombardment.

In addition to these city states, above Jannat float the triumvirate of Tiamik, Tannhausen and Turmandgang – three enormous fortresses that house much of the frontline military forces of the Fulcrum, guard the various Fulcrum member states. Of these, Tiamik the Closed Orb is a research world unto itself, and off-limits for all but the Avatara. Aside for Golgotha, it is home to the largest concentration of Shivans clans in the East. 

Lesser cities exist by the thousands and usually make up the greater nations of the Fulcrum, aligned to whichever large city-fortress lies nearest. Combined they make up a considerable part of the Fulcrum military might.

The Siol Pact

The Siol Sheol is almost twice as large in space, population and military power, occupying six continents that crescents Jannat. Of these, the largest by far is the Seat of Bys, which alone hosts a fleet half the size of the combined Fulcrum forces. 

Beneath Bys lies the Chained City of Dis, a mining city-turned-bulwark. Situated closest to Bydon Rock, it was from here that the Siol Diseiders Ultragotha and Kaxikeinen (of whom the later makes her home here) snatched Bydon from the Fulcrum sphere of influence. It is said that what remains of the core of the world lies beneath Dis, providing it with warmth and ample metal resources. Both of which are pumped up to supply Bys. 

Above both Bys and Dis lies Jindai Myr, providing defenses from any plunging strike, and ample observation of Jannat. It hosts the forward high command of the Siol Pact forces, although internally it is divided between civilian and military enclaves. It hosts the largest fleet outside of the main Siol cities.

The Southern part of Sheol is made up of Phobokaia, the Noose, seated in the middle of the Uterine pools where most of the Siol warspawn and chimera are made. It is said that a hundred cities once covered the surrounding lands, now their husks are submerged, or covered in the mists.

Sodom the Silent is the closest to Phobokaia, its twisted spires protected by primed bastion rock. Destroyed several times in the war, it always regrows itself, by means unknown. It is a city of the dead and the mad.

Bianon Ur the Forbidden is the southernmost bulwark city-fortress, home of Siol SigInt and special forces, commanded by the enigmatic Ultragotha – few go here willingly and fewer infiltrators yet escape alive or unturned.

Nine more are the great cities of Siol, situated deep in Sheol. Foremost of these are Lorn, the White city and Ashur the Broken Cliff

By tradition, all major Siol cities have at least one Chosen, although the number differ over the centuries depending on infighting, the will of the Great Ones and the tides of the war. 

The Void and the world between.

In the north, between the two super continents, and carefully hidden from detection, lies the Gate of Yedan. Nestled within a labyrinth of voidspace and automated defenses. This is the primary defense fortress of the Fulcrum, from where its fleet can intercept any attempted invasion of the Northern part of Jannat. Taimik, Ebania, Tannhausen, Turmandgang and Ulm are all kept safe by Yedan. Much subterfuge was employ to keep it secret until its completion, which marked the end of a century long string of Siol invasion attempts.

To the South, and far less hidden, lies Bydon Rock. Fortress city, freeport-in-name, nail in the eye of the Fulcrum. It goes by many names, Obsidian Pearl, The Debased City, the Shoal Stone of the South, Aberrant Seat, Bulwark of Sheol. Although not an intended creation in the same way that the Fulcrum created Yedan, situated in perfect synchronicity within shredded space, folded over itself, where the Firmament has been torn or rendered thin to the Great Void Beyond it is likewise hard to attack from afar. City killer cannons, Voidskimmer asteroid missiles, distortion waves. None can hope to damage it.

Bydon is situated that so it is easy to reach from three directions, yet hard to pass by outside its defenses. Waygates guide the way, carefully mapping safe areas of travel, for outside these well trodden routes, even mighty Voidcraft can find themselves turned inside out, or fade out of existance, as they touch some unseen Void-pocket. If they enter the Void itself, some pocket dimension, or happen to come into direct contact with antimatter – only fortune can tell. It is speculated that one can reach Yedan from Bydons Jade Gate, although by treaty restrictions this has been difficult to attempt.

Unlike Yedan, Bydon long held a neutral status as a Freeport, but after the creation of Yedan the Siol managed to launch a surprise attack, and seize the city. Fighting the Fulcrum counterattack to a standstill within this favorable area, the two sides eventually settled on an uneasy ceasefire, placing heavy restrictions on the number and size of ships the Siol could post inside Bydon, and keeping the city status as a Freeport. Open even to Fulcrum military vessels, they keep a close eye on the various schemes of the Siol to circumvent the treaty. So far, both sides have been satisfied with this arrangement, as they lick previous wounds and recover their strength.

Between and around Yedan and Bydon lies the remnants of the old world, which forms many dangerous shoal zones, where raiders, pirates, old warforms and voidspawn linger. Countless outposts and settlements litter this area, where careful smugglers can ply their trade, away from the attention of either Siol or Fulcrum – where it is not encouraged, to fascilitate some level of trade between the two rival powers. Unable to sustain farming or otherwise generate much food or fresh water on their own, these settlements are heavily dependent on trade or raiding.