All pages and lore parts should now be up and updated, with the site running… okay.  It’s a lot to juggle between running a site, social media accounts and well, producing the comic.

Got some recent traffic flow thanks to Jake Wyatt (the most I’ve ever had) so welcome, if any of you lovely people feel like sticking around.

Update schedule: Weekly, give or take a few days. Throw me a comment if you want anything more specific, I post updates on my twitter (@leflairzone) and previews when I have something juicy. Lots of hours have gone to getting this site updated, so hopefully I’ll have a more streamlined production pipeline going into autumn and winter. There will be a a couple of days in September that will be lost to a trip or two, so updates may be a little spotty there.

Lore and bonus materials: I got some future plans to spice up some of the lore texts (still experimenting with style and presentation) but the comic pages takes priority. Throw me a comment if there’s something you want to learn more about and I’ll take it into consideration for future spicy lore tibits.

Character submission is open! (You can reach my on my email, or twitter). I have been putting some time into plotting out upcoming parts, and if you want to submit any character ideas (of the fighty/non-fighty variety (anything goes, really) go right ahead. I don’t usually do call outs, but there’s several fan submitted characters already out and about these pages (and some yet to show up). I insert fan characters when I find a suitable part for them to play. Just take a look at the style of characters running around and you’ll have some ideas to go on.