Good Jul all you lovely people (there’s dozens of you!) that read this comic!  With holiday seasons fast approaching I thought it would give you heads up on how this will affect the Leflair Inc. comic factory.

-For the Christmas and New Years weeks I will be enjoying time with the big Leflair family, and while I’ll try to get some work in as time allows, my +50% studio efficiency bonus will be unavailable.

-I’ll hopefully get a couple more pages out before then.

-Things that are a lot easier to do when there’s few concurrent hours for concentrated comic production include: Brainstorming, idea juggling, magenta restocking, tiny thumbnail production and writing weird poems and [DEEP LORE] texts, as well as sketching people flexing and posing and maybe some weird alien lookin’ dudes? I will produce approximately 5% of the things I think I’ll have time to do.

-Any postings to social media will be sporadic.

-There may not be any site updates, or I might be able to get something up? Last year was pretty good! As usual I’m terrible with keeping a consistent schedule for the readers that want to read their weekly comics at exactly 07:00 on Tuesdays.

-I may get drunk, storyboard out an entire section and realize my terrible mistakes the next morning.

-The troll woods are dark, cold and full of terrors.

-I may be looking to move my comics production plant in the near future, so that will also eat into my time the coming month(s).

-I’ll give you word on when things are settling down again in 2019! Maybe I’ll even complete this first big comic arc during that year? Wouldn’t that be crazy.


Rambling aside, I hope you have a good time this holiday as well, and don’t drink five bottles of Glögg all at once, alright? I’m pretty sure it’s not good for you.