Dear readers (strawberry flavored or otherwise), the next page is a big one with a fair bit of detail, so it will take longer than my usual weak potato pages to finish. Please have patience

I’m currently 20-25 hours into the pencil chewing (90% of pencils chewed done), so the page may or may not (probably not) be done this week.

Estimate 4-5 days on inks, 3-4 days on colors. Once my brain starts leaking out of my ears smelling toasty I’ll know it’s close to complete.

Update #2: Inks need another day or so, then flatting and colors.

Update #3: Flats are done and coloring is… underway. Aiming for the weekend (why do I always forget how much coloring that go into pages like this).

Also site wise, comments should now go through a little smoother and 98% of all spam be destroyed by my automated defense line. Should pop ups with cars wearing underwear appear while visiting the site, know that the defenses have fallen and all hope is lost.