I hope you’re enjoying the latest, slightly silly, page.

Next page is halfway through inking, and we’re building up for the finale. There’s going to be some twists and turns, a little spooky and a lot of metal. Let’s just say I got some cool shit in the workshop for you! (Now, figuring out how to draw all this stuff in a timely manner is… ah, that’s my problem).

The end is in sight! (if you got binoculars).

Behind the scenes: I’ve been experimenting a fair bit lately, especially with the more character focused pages, getting those 0,0005% tiny nudges towards the next “level”. Split between anatomy, facial expressions, inking, character design, gesture, flatting color palettes, contrast, lettering, paneling, perspective… Figuring out this “drawing a comic” thing is a combination of exhausting and fun. Exfausting? Exfun? Oh no. I feel this is a recurring topic for me.

In other news, I’ll be moving this autumn, so if updates slow down a little it’s due to me having to spend time sorting and packing “stuff”.

As always, feel free to leave comments!