Hello there, old and new people. Fellow human beings. It’s come to my attention, through advanced scientific sorcery, that some of you are reading this comic. Even some new readers, a development in certain circles considered… unnatural. Certainly a disturbing development!

A little update on this whole comic making venture: inks are done, and colors are… less done than I’d like -but- far enough along that I know this puppy will be done by tomorrow evening. Give or take a few hours of hot steamy comic making, the sort that would leave me in a state of partial undress if not for it being winter and quite chilly inside.

Instead, picture a skeleton in a comfy sweater, hunched over a fresh page of thrilling Witchery. Clutching a drawing utensil in clawed, crooked hands, a satisfied smile creeping up the skeletons… face? Yes, picture that.