Status report, captains log UNSS Refit, I.D KWK171:

All the panel lines have been drawn, only lost one team this time. Faulty seals, sure. More like embezzled. Logistics officer Murphy is selling my supplies under the table. Again.

The forward ink tanks have been refilled and the armored coating applied. Moderate amounts of pink is being painted across the hull, ran out of supplies. Again.

The Guns? All four fully loaded, trained on targets and well used. Just crazy enough to work.

Engine power fluctuating, fuel stores running low. Might need to nap, or they’ll say the capn’ is getting grumpy again. Must remember to work out, they’re making fun of me down in engineering again, thinking I can’t hear them. But I’m watching them. They never check the vents.

We’ll arrive at Bam’Oh soon, the Shivan? Bloody nuts. No way this is going to work. And yes, I did have the spicy chicken. With mushrooms. It was good.

This thing is still on? Close the log