Informed on their offensive capabilities, the wise sellsword may draw the conclusion that a Dame is best engaged from a distance.

However, while the Dame rarely wear their powered armored outside the battlefield, they are rarely found unarmored!

Learn to recognize the signs that identify their high grade protective clothing.

Ceramic lined coats, titanium mesh girdles, veron veils and alloyed boots that can stand up to slug shot, gas and shrapnel.alike.

Compression shielding, inversion banglets and folding visors all provide hidden protection against high velocity attacks.

Advanced physical tuning and mental conditioning means they can shrug off all but the most violent of trauma and keep fighting beyond what all but a warform is capable of.

These are some of the reasons for why the Starknight Corps remain a viable fighting force, even against Warforms.

-Condottieri Primer, Facing The Starknight Corps part 3