Tired of lugging around slabs of steel to hit your foes in the head with? Feeling at a severe disadvantage when dealing with the likes of House forces, Dames and Shapers? Do you have a problem with the Undead or Fiend infestation? Is those damn taboo restrictions over in Jennat and Sheol just holding you back from the firepower you need-, nay, DESERVE? Our founder, Herbert Hexenkampf, felt just the same way!

Just come over to the Hexenkampf store and stock up, for the price is always right!

You can find a Hexenkampf store at just about any freeport, voidliner or inbetween stop, selling the most exclusive of advanced technology that our brave salvagers can find out in the Void!

Our founder personally travelled all over the world to acquire the necessary permits*, and while he did not survive the centipede pits to enjoy the fruits of his labor, YOU CAN enjoy the use of high powered weaponry! Don’t let his sacrifice go to waste!


*We are legally required to inform any potential customer that all relevant laws still apply should you ever cross into lawful territory or encounter agents of such entities. Unsanctioned possession, use, trade or any other reason is punishable by physical inversion, atomic boiling, limb pulping, elongated compression etc etc and so forth forms of execution as such entities see fit to employ.

-Hexenkampf store flyer.