“By our granted names, although we come from different blood we have joined together here as sisters.

From this day forward we shall join forces for a singular vision; to save the Siol and to serve the Great Lords of the Void until our dying breath.

We shall avenge the betrayed and mend this shattered world.

We spit in the eye of the Fulcrum, and curse his servants.

By the sign of the Siol do we conquer and to final death do we fight.

And should we perish let it be as one by selfsame night.

With oaths we bind our one will, with blood we bind our tongues; May the Great Ones attest to what is in our hearts is true and right.

And should we betray our friendship in any way, let us suffer a thousand deaths; limb rent from limb, skin flayed from bones, and burn our wicked hearts!

Praise the Great Ones and raise their thrones!”

-Sworn sisters oath