“The bulk of people that travel the way are not mercenaries or knights, but the common people, by all professions and status. Bydon alone invites a mix of people you would not find elsewhere, be it seeking greater fortune or on, a holy mission of their own. We all seek salvation in our own way.

Traversing the ways you are sure to find the shrines of the first order of knights, marked by their blue and red stars; the Star Binders.

Travellers are safe under their roof, but visiting knights must always be prepared to test their mettle, for the Star Binders still hold all knights to Belindars paradigm.”

-Writings attributed to Sain Ein Laindred, warrior-poet.


“Through the Void itself I cut the Way, by Violence alone I incite to deeds of Virtue,

Perish perfection and seek salvation through violence”

– Saint Belindar, the first Star Binder.