“The Ebon Codex describes the various techniques and uses for Transmogrification in detail. The art of merging flesh with non-flesh, as well as flesh with flesh.

The learned may recognize its use in how the Shapers of Siol merge with their Warforms, but the original use was in the merging and modification of different life forms.

As far as I can discover, the procedure is quite difficult for all involved, and the merging of two living things is permanent.

Usually reserved for the condemned, the desperate or the fanatic, there are those that seek it out to give them a fighting chance against Shapers.  Although I have not learned what exactly grants their limited resistance to shaping, it appear inherent in the process.

Most well known are certain divisions within the Tiger Cavalry of the Fulcrum.”

-Excerpt from Raman Yvanzigiel’s amended commentaries on the Ebon Codex.