On Transmogrification, part II

“Further research in the extensive Ebon Codex have divulged more information on the pre-war use of Transmogrification.

I can say with some certainty that it was first developed, not as a means for battle or war, but in the combination of various animals and beasts for research and organ enhancements. For example, a unassuming Piroc could contain a human hand!

The Shapers of old had mastered not only duplication, but the specific augmentation of organs within living creatures, for the transplantation to other living things. From such a use it was not a long step to the development of new chimeric life forms with specific attributes. Many texts do make mention of it being a difficult and time consuming process, requiring a dozen Shapers or more for a single creature, but the way it is described I can only conclude that they took a great deal of pride in displaying their skills in this, including competitions.

As for the resulting chimeric creatures, they were favored companions and guardians, the ancestors of todays popular pets such as the common Kadoge, aquatic Turbat or the lovable (but highly poisonous) Snebage.

That such lengths of text is devoted to such a innocuous topic indicate that even the authors of the Ebon Codex put great value in it.”

– Excerpt from Raman Yvanzigiel’s amended commentaries on the Ebon Codex.