“Over the millenia, the old Siol Shapers created and acquired vast collections of strange artifacts, collectively referred to as “Anketh”, with abilities that range from the banal to the unfathomable. In many ways that may mimic Shaping, or even do things that may not be possible by shaping alone! As attractive as that may sound to a non-shaper, realize the perils! Even a trained Shaper may have difficulty controlling or counteracting the effects, an ordinary person stands no chance at all.

Know that even the Shapers of then were perplexed by some of the things they found in the void and on the many outer worlds, nevermind what knowledge and Ankeths that have been lost since. I admit my area of expertize is not with Ankeths, and while my apprentice Ashima Garoud has studied the descriptions contained within the Ebon Codex in detail, the matter of correct identification may elude even an expert, made all the harder by some items having quite mundane appearances.

Should you suspect you have come across such an item, I must recommend anyone to follow Siol or Fulcrum instructions (which are quite similar, for obvious reasons) and avoid even proximity to any discovered Anketh, lest you activate one by accident and be turned inside out.”

–  Regarding Ankeths, excerpt from Raman Yvanzigiel’s amended commentaries on the Ebon Codex.