“While expensive to field, both the Dragoon and the Winged Lancer types serve important niches, providing ranged firepower and vertical attack options. There’s some inherent rivalry between the two, as they are also a counter for each other depending on situation.

The great and obvious advantages offered by both in the difficult terrain of the void, shattered lands or ship-to-ship combat ensure that their quantity is only limited by the expense and rarity of their equipment and training. Here, the advantages held by the Fulcrum and the Siol over any other force is substantial, but despite their ongoing efforts it is not entirely impossible to find ways to procure such equipment and warriors elsewhere, most easily in the lawless lands between Jennat and Sheol. Where mercenaries, smugglers and pirates ply their trade.  In addition, and perhaps against common knowledge, there’s both knightly orders in favor and against these fighting styles and equipment; where even the most ardent orders of classic melee combat keep some stocks of advanced weapons hidden away.

Their deployment on any greater scale is certain to draw attention, from both higher powers and scavengers alike. For this equipment is prized, and jealously guarded.”

– Commentary on the Ten Battle Arts


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