“A chiral strand cannot be brought to accord with itself, this is one of the fundamental principles by which we affect change upon the world. Look to the the mask of mirrors for confirmation before you collapse your three primary forms-” Diseider Chaianan gaze flickered to the rapidly encroaching detonation bulging against her impedance field just in time to take three steps back, avoiding the worst shower of dirt and dust. The thunderclap she kept out, heard only be the few students left to scramble for cover at the edges of reality. Only the metal orbs that marked the garden edges remained firmly unbothered.
“Ashes and pus stains! Are you trying to smear this entire training facility all across the next city you thrice damn fool?!” Chaianan said, brushing what used to be the contents of a flowerbed across the yard from her shoulders.
“Why are things always exploding around you? No, don’t speak. Check stability before you complete the new form, not after!” She gestured across the overturned yard. “–and before you turn Agatha’s garden into a battlefield–“. Her eyes cooled, a little. “At the least, no one is hurt. You really would make a terrible mender. I hope you are paying attention, a valuable lesson in control, or lack thereof–”
Chaianan frowned, “This is my failure as a teacher, and calls for a different approach… we will work on correcting these deficiencies of yours.” with a gesture, six heavy metal orbs that dotted the yard flew up to form a circle around Chaianan, arrayed against her student. “Pain can be a very efficient teacher, Initiate. Now, counter when able.”
-On that day, Diseider Chaianan sent a report to the Council of Chosen, marked with the metal moon, carrying a recommendation for Initiate Sendak to supplicant the sixth circle of Binders.