“The Sioseach, on paper the second highest office of the Siol.

Established by Cormantel at the first cordial coven, and since his passing, by tradition the highest attainable seat. For millennium it remained a symbolic office, suppleant to the High Siol Elect. Although not the first Sioseach to expand the responsibilities of the office into more practical spheres, the elevation of Sioseach Chamleer VI saw the seat turned into a executive role under the increasingly discordant state of the High Council, only barred from directing the military affairs of the Greater Siol.

Seeing as how the Siol was at this point of its history in a constant state of war, with all political decisions needing the approval of the jcombined military, this limitation was seen as a prudent division of political power. this effectively made the Sioseach, and all civilians affairs, subordient to the Avatara high command, and all her edicts requiring the approval of these ever more powerful warlords.”

-History of the Ancient Siol State.


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