“Welcome to Tavor’s Manbarran Emporium. I am Tavor, at your service!

I see you your house emblem checks out, pardon the precautions, but this is a very exclusive shop, they don’t let just anyone trade with these kinds of goods! Bloody license fees cost me a small fortune alone-

Ah, but you’re not here to listen to me whine, if it’s Shapen goods you want you’ve come to the right place!

So what do you fancy? You don’t look like the kind of client that desire mere lightshow trinkets, but look at this, I got the finest shimcloth on offer and even a Shobaran, very exclusive-

Shamdolls? I see, this way. Careful where you step, and do not touch anything! I have a dozen of them here in the back.

Truly the perfect servants, loyal, can’t harm a fly (without some highly improper modifications, none of that here of course!) and you can even set how long their memory retention last.

No risk for tattling gossip mongers with Shamdolls, the nobility LOVES them! and ah, some of my other clients that put up a pretty penny for the discretion that only Shamdolls offer, of course.

I got limited stock here, but if you got the money I can certainly arrange any Shamdoll you might desire, form, looks, personality…

Eerie? A little, I admit. But you’ll get used to it, it’s something with how the faces are made, most of them have human features but they’re not quite… there.

Those whispers? Ah, no, they just make those noises when recharging sometimes. It’s just your ears playing tricks on you, they repeat random words and phrases for memory retention. The Shaper that tend to them says it’s nothing to worry about!

They haven’t made any new ones in ages so you must understand that I take quite the premium for these, now, how many do you need?”