“…But those who do wield this new power, can achieve Harmonic Accordance. It is a form of Chirality, but it is false.

All who wield it are a threat, it is no longer a difference of degrees, but of absolutes.

By taking this heresy into their hearts, they have seen the Sioseach murdered.

They have proclaimed a living Fulcrum, against the wishes of this council. This too, is heresy.

It is usurpation.

We call on all thus called, to oppose the Covenant of Chosen Avatara.

If they will not renounce the Fulcrum dictat, if they will not surrender their dominion, this Coven council call on all territories, from within and without, to oppose the Avatara, by any means available.

The Siol Over All, Might and Power.”

Excerpt from the Grand Siol Pact denouncement of the Fulcrum cordial.