“Battle won by ironclad strategy, the coiled dragon made into a strangling maze. Move matched by move, until battered and beaten by superior foe. Looming above, the superior strategist smiles, confident over cornered foe, outcome made self-evident. But victory and defeat are but common events, why should one give up?

To raise ones blade against one self, through remorse or spite, is to waste one’s last act. If one cannot even choose which branch upon to sit, reduced to being perched a ornament fruit, or see branch severed and let the leaves fall where they may. Through Chirality made manifest, can one even say there is a choice between the two? A perched ornament fruit is removed from choice as much as the fallen leaf, in that moment of non-choice, floating in time, the two cannot be brought to coexist.

It is but a brief moment, hard to percieve, and only known to those who find it.”

-Excerpt from the Taciturn, by the High Orkan of Dain.