“At the summit stand four Thrones of Ten.

For veiled eyes judge what transpire far below.

Before the Mad March of the Black Witch,

The pied Fifth falter and fall.

Much murder and sin, there sings the silent muse,

Gather Hydra, Betrayer Moth, Golden Chariot and Salted Sphere.

All bound to the Focal Fulcrum,

In her presence glories proclaimed.

Loyalty to each and all,

their lines divided by chiral law.

All do not know the fallen lives,

As friend turn into foe.

Enter the cosmic carnival.”

– March of the Black Witch, Part One, by Lyran dif Accord, Demimonde of fallen Tunelon.



Addendum, Operation Ghoul. See full report.

Answer: Avatara Bayemon has never been seen in the flesh, but on rare occasion been recognized by the crest of a hollow circle surrounded by a bound triad of crescent moons.

Query: VIsuals confirmed? -UG.

Answer: Bronze Armor float, curved and clawed with the motif of a Owltoad. Background is unknown, and any potential records must have been lost during the most destructive years of the Millennium war.

Siol Seekers have found some support in the available Logos records of a new Avatara of Understanding. Query: Bayemon is not the original one? -Ultragotha. We are currently uncertain when this new Avatara was raised to this position, or what happened to the old one, presumed destroyed during the sixth battle for Torm.

Query: Absolute, Pure or Amalgam? Doubtful they’d raise a Fadime. -UG.

Answer: Traces of A-Red only, possibility of stored reserves within armor float.

Note: Concealing true abilities, then. -UG.

Cont. The Seekers can find no indication that Bayemon is in command of either the Logos institutions, nor navy or other armed forces.

The lack of combat records support this view.

Sightings have been sparse.

Note: There are no casual couches among the Thrones. -UG.

Conclusion: This Avatara is elusive, but has to be marked of low priority, due to minimal threat for ongoing Siol operations.

Recommendation: Further investigations required by inserted Covens as decided by priority.

Should opportunity arise, remove this Avatara from the living through decapitation, dismemberment and vivid application of venom salts, the ashes spread to the seven corners of the universe and their name eradicated from common memory.

Signed, Chom Seiam Diseider Ultragotha.

Addendum2, Note: Six Seekers and forty-five Rakes lost, three years. Unsatisfying. -UG.