“A Memory of Metal, Lead Folding and Alloy Mimickry, the Metal Shapers have many Forms to affect their surrounding, should the supply of materials be ample.

The most skilled of such Shapers can even create art, realistic statues or complex structures.

It is perhaps not surprising then, than a ship is an ideal place for them to dwell if they can, and for defense or fighting, a battlefield of their making.

Other Shapers often make the mistake, seeing themselves overpower the short ranged and indirect Metal Shaper, of pursuing into a certain closeness. One cannot let them slip away to set up another web of defenses.

For with such Forms, a Metal Shaper can affect not only decoys, the very rooms around them and the movement of metal between states and positions, but also move themselves between and through surface areas-

I’m getting ahead of myself. The important thing to understand is anything metal is a resource for movement, traps, decoys and ready made weapons.

Should two Metal Shapers fight? Then it will surely come down to experience- and perhaps… a certain level of recklessness.”

-The Kalliant Notes, Siol archives. The Clotho selection.