“The Siol Sinra Corps is one of many identified internal security forces of the Siol, but one of the oldest and most elite. Partly secretive, and partly used in displays of force, using refined Ashura variants to enforce the will of the Kabal.

Needless to say they do not see eye to eye with the Goblin Guard, other Shivan organisations nor with Diseider Ultragothas SigInt department based out of Bianon Ur.

The Sinra Ashura answers directly to the Kabal, the lower chamber of the Grand Siol, and its field force has been led by Diseider Walzman Zauber for centuries.

Diseider Walzman is one of few sanctioned, and an original Siol loyalist, Pure Shaper. As such, he is offered a lot of leeway in executing the will of the Kabal.

As for the Ashura, they appear to be some sort of advancement of our bound Raksham, and their capabilities seem beyond anything but your Avatara grade Raksham.

Finding out more detailed information has proven all but impossible, and is a very closely kept secret process.

We have identified seventy-two variants in the field, including the attached files marked:

Metamedusa, Psykosirens, Primal Horrors, Demi-Harpies, Dire Deluvians and Pseudo-Goblins.

Our only lead is a suspected Anketh shipment marked Ashura Jitaim, regretfully we have lost contact with our field agents pursuing that lead.”

-Fulcrum Intelligence report, requested by Avatara Bayemon.