“It should be no surprise that Siol Martial Arts are predominantly focused on defensive forms (and a few assassination ones), meant to be used when a Diseider can not safely use their Shaping.

Often this is in crowded environments, or during ambushes where larger or stronger foes can attempt to capture – or otherwise get too close – for the Shaper to easily dispatch them by means of Shaping.

Although many assume they only master one style, Siol Shapers learn a variety of such forms in training, at least on a basic level. Some styles have subforms, meant to be used during specific circumstances; the Egret form of the Plunging Dagger Fist style is one such martial art, specialized in defensive close quarters decapitation kicks.

Designed to be used without free arms against a larger opponent, by twist and spin, deliver a permanently disabling strike to the head of the enemy. For through millennia of combat testing, Siol experts have discovered that in over ninety-seven percent of encounters, a foe will die shortly after losing their head.”

-Excerpt from Siol Martial Arts primer.