“The Siol Chosen through many aeons of research, with magnitudes of power and their personal link to the Great Ones in the Void, have access to many regal warforms, entirely unavailable to the Fulcrum Fadime.

With such a violent transformation, they gain great physical might, but of even greater importance – a temporary amplification of their already significant shaping powers.

Of the Chosen who have learned this ability not all stand equal, but even lesser ones like Stormbringer Clytemnance can lay waste to any normal shaper.

With such an advantage, why is it not used more often – or always?

The fear of losing touch with their humanity, the significant risks of warping flesh and weft – or if you would ask them and gain an answer: a serious headache the day after.

One so foolish as me could argue that there is also the matter of a certain competitive stigma within the Siol, a understanding that to flaunt such power should not be done idly, and in so doing draw the attention of not only nearby shapers, but rivals far and wide. That, and even with the blessings of their Great Ones, there may exist a non-immaterial risk of a void breach.

Within the SIol one must always make note of official dogma, and inoffical taboos. With the Fulcrum, the rules are written down and well known, but in the Siol one is always walking on daggers.”

-From the notes of Chronicler Stigmatel, Siol researcher.