“If the Great Ones did not exist, they would have been made by some all powerful order of Shapers.
For mankind could never tolerate being ruled by their own equals, nor Shapers defer to their lessers.
It is not an evil thing to recognize this rationality, although once it led to great strife and suffering.
But now, all of reality and the Void stand in testament, nay, cry out that they do exist.
That the Chosen among us have beheld their forms and been touched by their greatness.
We know there they are supreme, all-knowing, immense in their ability, admirable in propensity and above all powerful beyond reason.

Only before them do we humbly kneel, and in so doing attain excellence.

Appreciate our dependence on them, freely chosen and absolute.

Only by recognizing our irrational weakness do we becomel equals.”

-From Diseider Rianweld teachings on Siol Philosophy.