Due to the ebbs and flows of the war between the Siol and the Fulcrum, new generations of Diseiders are always contenders for position within the greater Siol, for the lower and mid ranks see a high rate of attrition during times of intense conflict, while those with centuries and millennium of experience are experts if at nothing else, survival.

When years of low conflict result in a swelling of young Diseiders, the elders great skill and ability are evenly matched by the vast numbers of new ambitious young shapers who flock together by joint creed.

Heedless of many dangers and full of pious fervor, move to emulate the teachings of the generations of Sioseach and other heroes before them. Thus fervor meets the measured caution of their older kin, and conflict is never far away.

To mollify such tides, the elder sitting Shapers must share both in position, titles and influence, always careful to not upset precedent and tradition.

For should a few aspiring Diseiders secure casus belli through holy purpose, violence is never far away.