“Diseiders are made Chosen not from spite, but out of need.

Submission of Two made One in Harmonic Accordance, Chirality embraced.

Those who regin over matter kneel to the Void.

Without humility and greater purpose there is only madness.

We know it well, our unspoken oath is never again.”
-The Chosen Few, Clotho of the Amber Eyes, Chosen of Moirath. Siol Archives, one-hundredth-and-one vestige.


Scribbled margin note: Does this make the Avatara the head or tail? Are they touched like us? I doubt they have felt the IĀ“blis Kiss. Do they feel what I feel with Moirath? Heretical blasphemy, or human made Chirality made manifest? Darkness within, love without. Curse you Artamis.