“In those civilized early centuries, suicide was the preferable end for fallen leaders facing public execution.
Like the bloodbound duels of the times, the means of death by ones own hand was freely chosen.
The more gruesome method, the higher the status given to any surviving kin or clan. Their ends carved in stone.
The proudest would chose vivisection over defenstration, glory a noose bound tighter than the executioners axe.
For the current Diseiders of Siol, such a suggestion might garner a giggle. For those who are trained to kill in a hundred ways from a kneeling position, is quaint nostalgia.
The Shapers know well the cost of failure, where being torn limb from limb is but the beginning of ones demise, as they all witness such punishments carried out during their training and are expected to partake.”
– Means and Ends, Selfmade Annihilation, by Raman Yvanzigiel