Folder: Simra Ashura Demi-Harpies
“Drawn from the Void, these ”Voidmade” creations of the Siol Shapers are simple enough to make in larger numbers.
Colorshifting leathery- or feathered wings that can retract or extend at will.
From the process of their creation, they posses a human like intellect and ability to speak.
Lithe, they possess a limited ability to shift shift shape and mass, allowing them to pass as human at a glance.
When in combat, they can more than double in size, favoring crushing kicks and grip with their talon legs.
Rated as some of the weaker Ashura creations, the Demi-Harpies do have several (mostly favorable) attributes.
Swift, sharp but narrow vision, some variants strains ”feathers” can be ejected, forming steel sharp razors.
Imbued with metallic Cords, they can conduct lightning.
Highly resistant to Shaping, but vulnerable to unbound creatures of the Void due to their origin.
They avoid enclosed spaces, and will not readily cross under archways.
Their high body temperature can scold human flesh, and bring water to a boil.

Some noted strains:
Kestrel Strain: these possess the greatest speed, and projectile razor feathers. Their long hair can also capture or strangle victims.
Banshee Strain: Their screams can shatter glas at a distance of over a hundred meters and liquify the brain of a human caught in their grip.
Siren strain: Possessing hypnotic singing, they can make obedient meat puppets if they can touch a human mind for long enough.”