The new year is rapidly arriving, which brings on a time of reflection and self-improvement. Luckily I keep precise measurements for just such an occasion!

2019 brought 69 new pages, from a input of 1.895 kF/hours (KiloFlair), at 5-26% higher page quality (a clear upwards trend) for an outcome of 12% higher RMC (Reader MegaContentment*) per day. Very nice numbers!

Also, the Kill count for the year stands at 5625, somewhat below 2018 but very possible to beat with our forward projections.

On a more serious note, I would like to thank my Patreons for supporting this project. You fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings. And on the topic of Patreon I’ve been working on putting together some helpful CSP files for those interested in making their own comics, which will be going up on the Patreon site soon-ish.

As for the next page, I’m halfway done inking it for a new year treat.

* 1 RMC = ((happy smiles-frowny faces)/Eyeball Seconds per page^Avg Heart Rate**)

**RMC does not take undead readership into account, I’m sorry.