An upcoming comic sequence will feature quite a few monsters, big and small, non-humanoid, kaiju, spooky lads and gals, winged or otherwise. You name it! Actually, you can do more than that, if you got a favorite monster I can probably work it in as a easter egg (already gotten quite a few cool suggestions) – or if you are feeling artistic, you can contribute a sketch, a scrible or fancier (if you’re feeling up for it) yourself and if the stars align in a threatening pattern – your monster might just appear in the monster mash!

As for the practicality, either post a link as a comment here, pop in the discord or send it my way – the email way: (label it Monstermash so I can find it later).

Update: Gotten some good ones in, but this will keep running a while longer, working on the next page now which should be done towards the end of this week (running on that sliding Leflair timeline here), and then there’s only a few more pages to hit the beaches.