“Want to leave our fair Golgotha behind and get to Bydon Rock? I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, Golgotha might be a shithole but Bydon Rock is a beast all of its own, and besides, Siol territory regardless of what you might have heard about it being a freeport. Those witches are a fickle lot as far as the likes of you and me are concerned.

But I take it you might not have a choice in the matter. I won’t ask if you have fallen foul of the Baleful Eye or the Pure Blood, we got people like that coming through here all the time. Lifetime’s worth of belongings on their back, or whatever they can carry…

Very well, no questions asked, I get it. Safer for us both.

I’d recommend purchasing passage with The Refugees Last Respite of the Southern Saihan Company, it’s been plying that route for centuries. Cargo, passengers and mercenaries, it can do it all – and it got a small fleet of every distraction you can imagine with it.

It’s not the fastest, but it is reliable, with a capable captain and a veteran Fadime. I reckon they could even thread the needle between two engaged warfleets if need be.

Of course, it will cost you a pretty penny, but luckily¬† for you I got some contacts with the Syndics, let’s make a fair deal”

-Overheard in the Shade of Golgotha