Honlong gate marks the midway point between Bydon and Golgotha. As far as one can measure a “midpoint” in the┬ávoid in-between.

Outposts such as these are often shielded in Shoals of past battles, shaded by the carcasses of Titans.

They mark the leylines of the Voidways, and what passes for safe passage through minefields, voidspawn and greater perils.

Make no mistake, these lighthouses draw smugglers and pirates likes moths to the flame, only held at bay by patrolling Siol or Fulcrum fleets.

Know well, that time is not linear while traversing the ways, stray from the leylines at your own risk.

Many a voidliner have been led astray by false markers and picked clean by the vultures of the Void.

-Guide to the Inner Voidways