“Preamble: My primary source is the famed Ebon Codex, of which I possess a rare copy, which details many of the rare creatures of the void.

However as written, it is obtuse and of a particular difficult prose of the elder coda, as usual I have added research from other sources.

Lately I have received many questions on The Raksham, also known as the Void-Fiend, the Night Fetch, Fleshdancer and the Demisnatch (and another dozen terms of less common use).

In many communities the embodiment of nightly terror and strange occurrences.

A reputation not entirely unearned, for once manifested in the material world these creatures must feed on the living to sustain their forms.


The Raksham’s natural form is crimson, and from interview with Shapers I can confirm that they are most certainly related to the crimson flame.

They are described as highly intelligent, more so than the average person, but often described with an assortment of rare ticks, such as obsessions with tunes or patterns (note: I shall investigate this further).

They are capable to manifest for only a short time in the physical world, and require a vessel for any longer stay, usually in the form of possession. Over a longer period, even under ideal conditions, they will display physical signs of deterioration, akin to leprosy or other blights of the body.

Their most common ability described is their ability to change form, and mimic people to the finest detail. The means and limitations of this ability is not as well described or known, and may differ between individual Raksham, it does not appear to be instantaneous, most often requiring either close contact, some personal item or possibly a detailed recording of the subject.


I suspect they possess some form of shaping, for nothing else explains their many strange abilities, beyond their superhuman physique. Such displays appear to accelerate their physical breakdown, unless they are in possession of a Shamdoll or other hard form vessel.

Should you encounter such a creature, know that while they are the most dangerous in their raw form, once possessing a suitable vessel they can go many moons between feeding if they do not exert their powers, making them truly difficult to detect.

(note: There is mention of their flesh, or possibly blood, having particular properties, most commonly a higher temperature, venomous, acidic, or even shining by the light of the full moon. It is difficult to cross-verify any of these claims).

There are many myths of their weaknesses, on how to detect and bind them. Fire, implements of raw iron, loud music or flowing liquid and more. I am yet to confirm the success of any of these, should I acquire a specimen I will amend these comments.

Make no mistake, for all their mimicry their minds are fully of the void and their logic is their own, take special care if encountering a hostile Raksham.”

-Excerpt from Raman Yvanzigiel’s amended commentaries on the Ebon Codex.