“In the greatest time of need, under the ancient sign of the universal zodiac the twelve orders of Star Knights were founded.

By the light of the creative impulse and the star of Belindar, the seven ways were established. Six by two followed the first path. Not one by one, but by need and want. None was the size of the other, but matched all the same. Each disciple of Belindar sought a different path, or reflection of the same idea in different light.

In the spirit of the 1st, the 7th and the 13th were not orders, but the result of harmonic convergence. Alone they stand untouched, to the last drop of blood.

  1. Order Universal [Note: Star Binders]
  2. Order Prevalent [Note: Blaze Knight Corps, largest, barely a unified order] – Attributed to Dame Firefeiz the Phoenix Plumed.
  3. Order Cordial [Note: Peacemakers] – Attributed to Dame Clairenval the Ember Eyed
  4. Order Hospitalier [Note: Bone Menders]  – Attributed to Sir Gaherion Lamwell
  5. Order Vindicant [Note: Dreadknights] – Attributed to Dame Bodak of Myrlien.
  6. Order Quaesitor [Note: Voice Seekers] – Attributed to Dinadan the Many-Eyes
  7. Order Perpetual [Note: Dames of Heart, defunct?] Unknown founder.
  8. Order Vagabond [Note: Striders] – Attributed to the Ragged Man. Name unknown.
  9. Order Reprimand [Note: Lawbringers] Attributed to Kardoc of Rivalen
  10. Order Draconis [Note: Mirage Blades] Attributed to Sir Landred of Aurora, the Auraknight.
  11. Order Vigilant [Note: Dream Divers] Attributed to Sir Thal of the Blue Valley
  12. Order Protector [Note: Preservers, Vestige of Autumn] Attributed to Grevance the Cyndic
  13. Order Fatum Occidere [Note: Void Dancers] Attributed to  Vurmak the Voidborn

The third concord ended the age of rust, by some called the age of reason, and ushered in the fourth age.

Soon they were legion, a field of stars a billion suns bright.

Saint Belindar thus spoke, “Do as you will.”

They walked the the Grass Road, Brittle Path and the Wanting Way.

But all gave way to the dream called war.

In time they were dust. a field of bones and an ocean of tears.”

– Annotated edition, writings of Sain Ein Laindred