“That woeful heart of stone,

the thing that binds and twists,

and in twilight shade recall,

the remorse of autumn past.”

Note: Translation, pre-Siol era. Pre-Shaper era? Unclear.

“Imbgeilt” carved in stone. Anketh, no longer sure on its purpose.

Now certain this predates any mention of the Hand of Usher, the Tyrannic Thane and even the the Torn Trow.

Unsure about the Furtive Gesture, Seid Stone or the Heart of Zolam. Related? Investigate the timeline, does it add up?

Dangerous to pursue. Otherwise there’s only the sender, Ban-Kin Om of Golgotha, if that is even a real person.

Will have assistant check, bring sidearm.

– The studies of the Imbgeilt, excerpt from Raman Yvanzigiel’s censored journals.