“The Order Perpetual, none other their equal in courage and folly measured, if not for being the smallest order by far!

‘The Dame of Hearts’, at first I thought it a vainglorious nickname, but even the drunken knight Prevalent that disparage their “love for lost causes” seem to hold them in a certain respect, and are as tight-lipped on the reason why as any other.

Only the Order Universal seem to be held in equally high regard. A shame I’ve failed to find any Dame Perpetuals to interview, know that I’ve investigated any and all rumors these past years while doing research for this book.

There seem to only be a handful out there, and I know of but four named members that I am fairly certain the rumors about are founded in truth. I’ve overheard a fifth name, but it doesn’t seem to go back very far and is most likely a false name used by one of the aforementioned four.

Such is the difficulty of researching the dames that don’t want to be found.”

– “Once upon the Blood Blue Moon”, by Du’Famour Retagnac.