Fermion model N2 well-tuned.
Arms at the ready, killing moves barely restrained.
Violence Mass-produced.
Fermion unbeaten. revengeance embraced.
Purpose: Mankind’s woe, the Shaper foe undone.

Blue fire walking, wreckage of conceit.
Tannhausen Gate fallen, the final line undone.
Limbs broken, arms shattered, M-Drive failing.
G-field offline.

“From rust risen, metal bones made whole.”
[Potentiality balanced, Moebius drive engaged]
“Shackles of the past, a memory of reason-”
[Bosonic behavior within parameters, Giger field calibrated]
“Recall Fermi of Fermion, recall-recall-recall-
Purpose: Mankind’s glory, the Shaper’s foes undone.

“Activate, Fermi N2.”


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