>>>Wordless edition<<<

“The lesser and greater Alrunan Sham.

The lesser Alruna is the Des Mandragan, a lesser Sham, known for its pleasant soothing song. The purpose, speculatively, is to attract sources of nourishment, as it feeds on dreams. If startled lets out either a cry prone to causing disorientation, migraines and short term memory loss.

The Greater Alruna is the San Mabd Dragora, unlike it’s more prominent lesser cousin, this ones cry can drive mortals to madness, render its mark into a vegetative state for months and eventually death. The distinguishing shrillness of its cry identifies it. Its taste is said to be exquisite, especially if freshly gorged on nightmares.

Both kinds appear seemingly at random in vegetated areas, especially in shadows. They can remain dormant for years, taking the shape of nearby roots. Active, they hold a certain scarlet shade, and grow bright pink petals, which conceal the face of whoever gets too close.

There is no known way to tell the two apart by sight, although if cooked with butter a certain smoothness to the greater Mandragoras petals can be distinguished by a experienced taster.

The good gardener is wise to keep any such visitors to his garden well treated, and once satisfied they are known to move on back to the Void. Or perhaps somewhere else.”

– Rollo Eilsen’s Cooking with Sham: A Spicy Encounter with Taste.