“Aside for the largest Metalbound Koloss class, the far more common (but smaller, in descending order) Shogoth, Big Sham, Shodan’Oh and Shadam classes are all produced from the same Shaping-derived process.

As such, in addition to (but also limiting) size, the metal, minerals and alloys used in their binding are also used to classify the various types of Metalbound, depending on the era.

Not fixed in size or shape, their classification can change over the centuries, as they adapt to external and internal stimulations.


Fadime use lures and traps to capture Protosham, that are then brought into our world to be wrought into the proper shape inside a (still forming) metal exoform.

Produced in the massive Foundry-Arsenals by Shaper-Architects, which partially serve to determine the final Metalbound form and initial size classification.

This means each Metalbound is partially unique from the outset and continue to diverge with age.

Several control configurations exist, allowing non-shapers, usually trained and modified Dames, to “pilot” these giant Warforms.

However, to bring out their full destructive potential ”

Recovered excerpt from “The Full Metal History of the Metalbound Giants”