“This Twofold World is ruled by primordial law, that predate humankind.
Seven Strands of Chirality, Seven Aspects of Power,
Seven Powers of Creation and Destruction.
Know the Power plucked from Chiral Friction,
For eons past felt by, but beyond the keen of sentient man.
More ignorant than most, the Shapers know but two, sometimes three.
It twists and squirms, a corded knot to the touch, many strands beyond the reach of desire;
A hunger known to many – beyond the stars, beyond the void, eager eyes and willing minds.
Harmonic, Conformal and Ardent, the Sixth and Fourth I do not know,
Theories I understand, I am not a worldly man, and love I never known.
I know each Strand fit to purpose, I fear each Strand form suitable host.
Thought must be given to each of the above.”
-From the writings of Amritzar the Mad, part 1, restored by Raman Yvanzigiel