“While embers fly and the twin sun glows,
Cast from flesh and voraciously dreaming,
We wait, mired in mud, the blades are sharpened
We wait, frozen to the bone, and listen.

The seventh moon breaks and the gale wolf sings
Cast in the light of the night, flung far from home.
Regal raging Demifiend, maned and many fanged
Kin of a kind, unborn dream made meat.

Before steel grows dull and our flesh runs slow
A murder of Goblins, gored and hunger torn
No greater fear than dying, reborn to the dark.

Victory grinning, the living gorge and grow;
On a feast for the many.”
– Feast for the many, Goblin Guard warsong

Attached note: A Goblin Guard never goes hungry, in victory or defeat, for they are robbers of ravens.  -Chim Chairath, student of Jabe