“Diseider Chide, chastised and sanctioned, went into the deep paths.
By the spiral staircase, unguarded by Falgain Belindar, into the dancing abyss.
For seven days and seven nights, she searched in the dark, scratching fingers bloodied, knees battered.
Removed from sustenance and water, harried by Sham and Voidfiends wearing mocking faces.
Weary of incubi and faulty thinking, she guarded her dreams until the sixth night.
Meandering and stooping, battered and torn. Awaiting death, but living out of spite.
By deed or pity, to her rescuse strode a host of Goblins, now her watchful court.
Belindar sent, lain to battle, and not to rest. Dreaming of might, and ruin to come.
On the seventh night, she shaped the Gorgon.
In all her children hid, a memory of strength.”
-Recorded and sealed by Clotho of the Amber Eyes, Chosen of Moirath. Siol Archives, fifty-fifth vestige.