“The Shoal Stone of the South, the Aberrant Seat, the Debased city.

Many are the names of Bydon Rock.


Beyond its tall tripart gates lies a number of floating fortresses hosting the Bydon Fleet.

Of these, the fortress 12-“Balthica” is situated at the edge of the mountain range known as the Shattered Fingers, on the final approach to the Crimson Gate of Bydon-Golgotha, “Mithra Deux”.

It is the approach closest to Golgotha and the Fulcrum, but due to the large amount of floating shoal debris and common storm formations.

Any ship that ventures near must manifest from the Void quite the distance out, to avoid being smashed to pieces.


The presence of the nearby fortress has allowed many local communities to establish themselves and grow into local settlements nestled inside the ‘Fingers.

Relatively safe from raiders and voidspawn alike, profiting from the smuggling and trade routes.


Officially, the Bydon fleet is kept small and short ranged, to maintain only a defensive threat to the Fulcrum, In respect of the careful balance of power that allows for the regional cease fire to continue.

In actuality, owing to the considerable income that Bydons position and role, allows the Bydon Fleet to be the most well funded and equipped of any Siol Fleet, short of the mighty 1st fleet.

It’s a cat and dog game to hide this strength, leaving much of the fleet rotating between its many fortresses and deep void patrols.

This does leave the fleet short on exercise and loyal only to its local commanders and Chosen Siol Diseider.

Accusations of corruption and infighting are common as a result.


Nontheless, to reclaim Bydon the Fulcrum would have to mobilize considerable forces, well in advance and prone to detection by Siol assets.

The risk of other adjacent Siol Coven fleets deploying to Bydon before it can be taken has kept this option off the table, and resulted in an uneasy peace across much of the South.”

-The Bydon Turmite, Issue 365.