“The Jaivard Bolt-Shield wielded by Fulcrum Fadime and Mataim alike, in its various configurations, is designed to be compact multipurpose attack and defense armament. Shaped with advanced folding techniques, they integrate Shim-infused biometal to allow for active reconfiguration and self-regeneration on the fly. Containing particle emitting micro-void generators, they can absorb, store and redirect Shaping energies for both defensive and offensive purposes.

However, the Bolt-Shields primary offensive weapon, and the reason for its designation as a Bolt-Shield, are the compressed thermal-shock “Pillum” pattern Javelins that are capable to defeat almost any Powered shielding and most forms of armor, before violently expanding within the target to cause massive trauma.

Produced from rare Jaivard metal by a carefully guarded secret process, that can only be produced from some of the few surviving Fulcrum controlled Void-forges, the javelins are one of few effective meta-physical weapons specifically made to defeat Shapers, and can be configured for disabling or lethal application.”

-The Tactiturn Codex