“Unlike the Fulcrums shaper forces use of the light Qin-Wings, the Siol Diseiders favors the heavier strike craft colloquially known as the ‘Brocas Broom, but officially the Shaian Skimmer, as their personal transportation of choice. Normally a non-void capable craft, they are deployed from larger capital craft closer to their targets.

While heavily customized by the respective rider and local forces, the most common configuration features twin autocannons, a Void Collapser drive, a front cutting lance and seating for two. Unlike the Qin-Wing, it is quite loud at full throttle but in turn offer a decent deflection angle on its frontal armor plating, giving the rider some protection while carrying out attack runs. Its superior thrust and engine enables its riders to exploit energy tactics such as the boom and zoom, striking before notice and evading counterattacks through their great speed.

Being a small craft, they can be configured and used for sneak attacks against unaware enemies, carrrying supplies and additional weapons in onboard compartments.”

-Excerpt, Siol combat tactics.