“The Bydon fleet has historically been effectively split between its coven admirality, consisting of at least one Siol Diseider per fortress, primary gate garrison, the arsenal and the primary fortress inside Bydon itself.  At times of long peace, these commanders have broken into a self-contained internal war, each fleet division and squadron acting as its own warband, laying siege to whichever short term alliance or faction opposed that day. To avoid this affecting the main city and trade lanes, the primary fortress and gate fleet commanders are assigned directly by the Siol Conclave, but to avoid power being concentrated into the hands of one Chosen who may be tempted to take the city and fleet for herself, the primary post of Fleet Admiral has often been split in two or even three positions.

In addition, with growing strength, the main fleet often have several picket lines of smaller squadrons on patrol on the approach to Bydon, officially to hunt down pirates and protect trade according to the treaties. Making use of the surrounding fortresses, as well as hidden, unofficial, Siol bases, these squadrons can in actuality be equipped with several battleships and carriers.

Fortress 12-“Balthica” assigned rapid-reaction squadron is currently commanded by the Chosen Calcifer’s officer of choice, Assault Commander-”

-Torn excerpt from the Bydon Turmite, issue 424.