“Bys and Dis hold some of the most prominent Siol military academies. Here those Shapers who are not yet Chosen are put through extensive martial training, hardening and tested to the limits of their abilities. It is in the final test, that One is Chosen. If a Great One is so inclined, and those assembled are worthy. For the great majority of Diseiders awaits years of service for a Seven Shapen Coven, under a Chosen, ever eager to prove themselves worthy of another chance.

I should mention a particular detail of these Covens, while they are controlled by and led by a Chosen of a particular Great One, each Diseider is also part of one of the so called “Sevenfold Cord Sororities”. These Sororities deal in the matters of Shaping, research and other “neutral” topics, each one dedicated not to a Great One, but to a particular Cord of the Absolute Power. I choose the word “Cord” here in the way that the Siol Shapers think of it, not merely in a technical manner as an aspect of the Fulcrum and the Void but part of their culture, philosophy and social standing. The left overs of the Greater Siol Empire days of high culture, one could say, but to this day also a means of ensuring that each Shaper, Chosen or not, are tied in many ways to the Siol. As an institution, as a society and as a state. In this manner, these Sororoties are a counterbalance to the otherwise Absolute Authoritarian power of a Coven Chosen.

Even the most favored of Chosen are held to account by at least three other Siol institutions, and may in certain social settings find themselves on an entirely different ladder. Anyone raised in the Siol finds this perfectly normal and even preferable, often having some difficulty of adapting to other ways of thinking.”

-Excerpt from Rollo Eilsen popular historics, Siol Edition.